Thursday, November 12, 2009

books can be dangerous

My mother was a huge woman and if she got moving with a head of steam it was best to cover your self with plywood until the storm passed. My brother and I were sitting in the living room before a Baha'i meeting or in my brother's case the pool hall or Off Track Betting. I was trying to follow the evening news and Dr. Mary was storming around the house looking for a book which she was sure I had given away. Her face was red and she was shooting me death looks. I suggested she look again in her bedroom where there was a beautiful antique bookcase next to her bed. She rushed into her room and plopped down full force on the edge of her bed. I heard a gunshot or a thunderbolt-some type of explosion and carefully looked through the door. Her wooden bed had exploded-shards of wood, box spring and mattress thrown in the corner, but no mother. She had to be there-even Dr. Mary had to obey the laws of physics. And there she was!-feet in the air-shocked exspression-covered in blankets and pillows. Miraculously she was ok although a little shocky. Then the laughter began-I laughed but my brother cried with laughter that was out of control. I will think of that episode and smile. Maybe you had to be there but even God would wet His pants. With the help of glue, clamps and some skill I put together the bed but my mother's pride took a ding that made her distrust beds and books and her son who probably did give that book away. I hope that they let you read blogs in heaven because my brother would really appreciate this one.

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