Thursday, April 21, 2011

The babysitter by Peter Tomanio

There is a theory in business that one rises to the level of their incompetence. I believe it is called the "Peter Principle". I'm sure if you are an executive in a corporation and your name is Peter that can be disquieting. My mind is wandering to St. Peter, a father in name only and Pete Petterson who was Secretary of the Treasury a few administrations ago. A Secretary of the Treasury in name only considering the state of bankruptcy of the nation. Anyway, I digress (that could be my epitaph). Yesterday I watched Samaya, the Princess of all Toddlers, and was given clear guidance from my daughter to color with her at the table and read some book about a chicken. Daughter left with Violet and I sat down to color. I proceeded to color within the lines setting a good example-my old schooling came in handy (finally). I looked at Samaya and she had colored her tongue green. I was going to give her a lecture about what part of coloring between the lines don't you understand, but she just said "all done". I imagine Picasso said something like that when he drew breasts on a fire hydrant. Panic set in. I imagined Samaya going to the senior prom with green lips and tongue. I could hear myself advising "Just tell everyone it's an environmental statement." I was so relieved that it washed off and we went on to the book about the chicken which I did not understand. I told that story last night at my food meeting--not the part about Picasso and the fire hydrant--not with a room full of women. Makes me think about maturity and the lack of it in the world. I know I have contributed my share, but the Princess of all Toddlers is going to have a brighter life teaching at some great university and she wont be self conscious at all about her green tongue.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This feels like an anniversary poem. Although that is not how it began--much like relationships I suppose.
The Nature of Light
I wash my face with it
Cup it like water in my hands
Stars and worlds slip through my fingers
No way to hold them
But the stories linger
Of birth and death
Of heaven and hell
What do I remember?
Just you
Walking into a room long ago
And staying
It is the nature of light

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A good day

I have been feeling a lot more energetic lately. Blame it on the bosanova, springtime or huge weight loss. I have been working a little more and yesterday was my attempt to squeeze extra hours into a 24 hour day. After work I went with Karen to a staff meeting barely time enough to make my supper which I took with me. All they serve is pizza and soda which what got me into this mess in the first place. I moderated a part of the meeting involving staff and higher ups asking everyone to talk about their successes and challenges in working with individuals with severe disabilities. It works out well and people get a chance to vent or give advice to each other. The owner of the company came in and talked about our film on suicide prevention and asked that it be used in training of his work force. I can't tell you how happy I was when he said that. He called it a powerful film. Next month everyone will see it at the staff meeting. At the the end of the meeting a fellow worker said how wonderful I looked now after losing so much weight. Then they all applauded and I smiled. I thanked my friends and said that I have been waiting 63 years for someone to say I looked good.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


On a poem jag lately. It will pass like a head cold in summer. I hope it isn't contagious. Zhao Chang was a 12th century Chinese artist. It might change, but at least the word "jasmine"will let me alone now
The sound, color, the aroma
All step softly on Zhao Chang's white silk branch
As he guides you to a land only read about
Until now
Say the word
Let the color live in your eyes
Breathe deep the scent
Time, having no choice,
Lies down on spring fields
Waiting for you