Thursday, April 21, 2011

The babysitter by Peter Tomanio

There is a theory in business that one rises to the level of their incompetence. I believe it is called the "Peter Principle". I'm sure if you are an executive in a corporation and your name is Peter that can be disquieting. My mind is wandering to St. Peter, a father in name only and Pete Petterson who was Secretary of the Treasury a few administrations ago. A Secretary of the Treasury in name only considering the state of bankruptcy of the nation. Anyway, I digress (that could be my epitaph). Yesterday I watched Samaya, the Princess of all Toddlers, and was given clear guidance from my daughter to color with her at the table and read some book about a chicken. Daughter left with Violet and I sat down to color. I proceeded to color within the lines setting a good example-my old schooling came in handy (finally). I looked at Samaya and she had colored her tongue green. I was going to give her a lecture about what part of coloring between the lines don't you understand, but she just said "all done". I imagine Picasso said something like that when he drew breasts on a fire hydrant. Panic set in. I imagined Samaya going to the senior prom with green lips and tongue. I could hear myself advising "Just tell everyone it's an environmental statement." I was so relieved that it washed off and we went on to the book about the chicken which I did not understand. I told that story last night at my food meeting--not the part about Picasso and the fire hydrant--not with a room full of women. Makes me think about maturity and the lack of it in the world. I know I have contributed my share, but the Princess of all Toddlers is going to have a brighter life teaching at some great university and she wont be self conscious at all about her green tongue.

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  1. Dear Peter of the Pink Tongue:

    Oh how I wish I had had a grandfather who didn't mind my coloring my tongue green (even if he had been secretly panicking and thinking of women's breasts...sheesh, any excuse...but I digress). My grandfathers were Slim and None so I treasure your snippets!!!