Thursday, March 17, 2011

could be a poem

I was watching Carole King and James Taylor on a PBS look back in time right before bedtime and this knocked on my door and I let it in. Might need some work and, if thats the case, it should go out and find a job because I'm going to sleep.


Liver spots on the sun
Time is running out
Grey smoke curls hanging loosely from the sky
Shedding wonder on my thinning hair
Wonder, as in it was here once
So many things were here once
And I didn't think to say goodbye


  1. maybe a teensy tweak, but this is a fine, upstanding poem that should be able to take care of itself. I love the grey smoke curls hanging loosely from the sky. I love the last two lines. Thanks.

  2. You're making me smile and cry at the same time again.... :-)