Monday, September 16, 2013

Rediscovered Poem

Karen was going to give away a Baha'i book but noticed this poem on the inside cover. It's vaguely familiar. I know it was written for her. W.C Fields (sorry young people) fell in love with the word-"redundancy". He would say to one and all regardless of circumstances, "Pardon my redundancy". If I have posted this before, please, pardon my redundancy. I changed some of the lines though.
                                                          Once Again
                                                         I have a moon
                                                        If you have a June
                                                     I have a sea of flowers for you to sail on
                                                     Even a bed of roses to help you fall asleep
                                                     Oh, I know, you're an island
                                                    That at times I'm not strong enough to swim to
                                                    But on a good day
                                                     When the wind is right-the stars bright
                                                      Gold-not blue the light
                                                     I'll float on these words of love
                                                      To your waiting arms



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