Tuesday, October 6, 2009

miracle a day keeps the mind at bay

The problem of waking up to a new day is that I am still trying to make sense out of yesterday's miracle and I know another miracle is lurkingaround the corner waiting to perplex and make light of the lightness of my mind.
Today we resumed our training with John Lovering, a spiritual giant in a Yoda body, at the community radio station. We received our first critique from the big boss who is planning to put us on the schedule in Nov.-a half hour every other week. We need to get better at the technical aspects an be cured of insanity-not necessarily in that order. We were joined by a young 24 year old woman who is also disabled. Born with a genetic disorder that has left her underdeveloped with weak muscle control and extremely poor vision, she is hungry to find her place in the world-some work that she finds satisfying. We welcomed her with open arms. My friend and client John S. would welcome any lady with open arms. I told him on the way home that I was going to get a big rock and put a wig on it so he could proposition it all day long. Anyway here was today's miracle. We did a mock interview for practice and she answered the questions in this delicate voice that we had to strain to hear. I was asking most of the questions when out of the blue John S. intuitively asked her if she had ever been teased . Her being went back years ago and she was once again eating her lunch at a middle school cafeteria. "It was ravioli and the sauce was on my face and some kids said I was a little two year old who did not know how to take care of herself." She was crying and remembering and the pain was five seconds old and I looked around and we were all crying because our pain was also five seconds old. "We spoke of her courage for wanting to be a part of this team because she would hear more stories like this. On the drive home John S. asked if the rock could have blond hair-just kidding John if you read this. Love to all and especially those with those who have ever had sauce on their face.

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