Monday, December 28, 2009

Great week

I have been working on a serious book for what seems like forever because before words ever appear on paper they float around between your ears sometimes dislodging a clump of wax-a sure sign that the writing stage is about to begin. The title is "With Thine Own Eyes: Why Imitate, When You Can Investigate Reality." There is a lot going on in this book and it is not possible to define it but has some really practical advice that will enable the individual to discover their true identity and unique purpose. We are giving a class on the book the weekend of Feb.19th-the we being Phyllis Ring and I. The third author, Diane Iverson, out in Arizona is beginning a class mid Jan. at the public library with the brilliant Bill Barnes. The other milestone is that about three years ago I had an idea for a sequel to "Lilly&Peggy" which was published in England and distributed here. It was difficult to switch gears between two very different books which is why I believe it took so long. This book is called "The Imperfect Pilgrim"-the problem it is quit long-60 pages roughly. I have sent it to fellow writer and a great editor Jane Harper to edit-something she has done for me in the past. I still have so many other unfinished projects and it is a race between continence and incontinence-mentia and dementia. I hope to begin with polishing some old stories so we can record-friends have told me that they like my voice. The one I really care about is Samaya. I hope she likes what she hears years from now when I am just a picture on the wall.

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