Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tuesday is the only week day I work and thank God for that. I don't know how I ever did this job 7 days a week. People all over the world say that in different languages. I read a National Geographic article about Chinese men who all their lives pull barges up a river. A whole line of them strapped to a heavy rope straining from morning to night. Strange what we complain about. Muhammad said in an Hadith that "A complaining man complains in paradise". I wasn't aware that He visited America. Goldilocks complained about porridge or something about three bears. I'm not sure I can sympathize with the complaints of mythical characters. Maybe Goldy was upset about stepping in something outside the bears cottage--that at least would be more understandable. There is a joke about an elderly grandmother with early signs of dementia visiting her family in Florida. She asked to take her little grandson to the beach dressed in a brand new sailor suit she had brought with her. After repeated assurances that she would be vigilant at the ocean off they went. Of course the old lady lapsed into dreams of long ago moonlight and jasmine when she could actually see the moon and smell the jasmine. The little boy wandered into the ocean and was going down under the waves when a lifeguard saved him. He was brought to the grandmother and given mouth-to-mouth to revive him. After some tense moments the boy began to cough and the crowd cheered. He was placed in the old ladies' arms. She looked down and then looked at the lifeguard and said, "he had a hat".
In an another era, an ice wagon would come to your house and drop off a block of ice to keep your food cold in an ice box. The idea should be revived except it should be a complaint wagon that comes to your door. I would gather all my complaints and hand them to the driver and he would complain "That's all? You must not be really living if you did not suffer disappointments yesterday. Did you not fall short of perfection? Were you not trying hard enough. Did you not have your love discarded like a used piece of gum?
What a world when the man who drives the complaint wagon complains better than anybody else. A final word. I am surprised as you are that this bit of fluff congealed and became serious. Oh well, I'll just try harder tomorrow.

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  1. I have always found that the people who have the least to complain about complain the most. In which case I'd better get busy!!!