Monday, October 4, 2010

a bit abstract

Each day on this new program, which is saving my life second-by second, new doors and windows keep opening up to the wider inner and outer worlds. I came into the bare church hall in downtown Portsmouth almost three months ago at 400lbs and nothing was working on my body except my ability to chew the wrong substances. Like most people I thought this was just a diet program cloaked in the trappings of spirituality, but found that it is a spiritual program cloaked in the trappings of a diet program. New revelations about myself as a Baha'i, about the mysteries of people and life grow like an out of control virus. The latest is an observation is about the wisdom of god reflected in the changes in my life. When I stopped poisoning my body with the wrong foods I began a rapid loss of weight the speed of which made those changes blatantly obvious. What is also obvious is the wisdom displayed in those changes, again second-by-second, as the weight disappears from areas most likely to threaten my existence. I lose a pound every two days mainly my stomach and not from my head or heart or lungs. Think about that a moment. This a continuous display of mind boggling intelligence that I have not noticed before. My intelligent food choices have open the door for the wisdom of God to work a miracle on a physical level. Conversely, slowly gaining weight every year was killing me. Despite my prayers, my behavior prevented the answer to my prayers from reaching me. To carry the comparison further, allowing the poison of materialism and ego and all the other poisons to enter my spiritual being prevents the spiritual wisdom of God to reach my spiritual reality. Bahai's believe that the spiritual world is a reflection of the physical world and that the main purpose of the physical world is for the individual to continually ask the inner question, "I observe this reality in the physical world what is the spirtual counterpart?" An obvious example is that we understand spiritual laws because we live with physical laws every day. To sum up; I am experiencing new insights on every level of the wisdom of God on a daily basis instead of experiencing new insights into my personal ignorance. Maybe there is hope for me yet.


  1. For you Ronnie there is always HOPE... keep up the good behaviors. You are a walking, talking inspiration my friend.

  2. It's fat clog. Or fat fog. Actually it's the diet that gives us the ability to find our inner life. When we stop satisfying our emotions with food we can start to enjoy them again. (Our emotions not the food) Just wait till you can do a half hour on a bike without breaking a sweat. Boy does that feel good.