Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I think this is a word. I hate to think I'm looking for something that doesn't exist. A simply incredible radio show yesterday. Two ladies that run bipolar support groups-real survivors akin to someone who has fought a long war and come back from the front to talk to civilians safe in their homes and far from the battlefield. One has a basket full of exotic mental ills that have led to gruesome suicide attempts. Gruesome, as in drinking draino and liquid plummer. When I asked her why she was still alive she pointed to the sky and beyond, She pointed to the presence of God in her life-an intervention that came with a price of earn this reprieve. That is why, she explained she devotes her life to support groups trying to help fellow sufferers. "My heart is so filled with love for everyone" they both said and I felt it hitting me like waves on sand. I thought of the film on suicide prevention that we now arranging for public viewing. I know this film will help save lives and I want to thank all my friends who have supported the show and the film and kept us on the air. Back to the two women and commonality. Both women said that they would not be around on this planet without their families. Kim's husband was told by everyone during the darkest days of suicide attempts, ranting, raving, verbal abuse and all around bizarre behavior that he should run like hell and take the kids with him. She said "why did you stick by me?" to her husband. His answer was " I stood before God and promised that I would stand by you in good times and bad and in sickness or health and I meant it" I saw before bravery and honor not only in these two women, but in their husbands and children--thus the commonality. The great simple message of our film is that those who have survived the dark night of the soul had lighted lanterns in the form of people who loved them.

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  1. Ronnie you come in contact with the most amazing people. Is it them or is it you? You need to go to the Martha's Vineyard Film Festival's web site and enter your suicide doc.