Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Many friends have asked me privately to give the details of the program I'm in. There are two ways to answer that question. The simple answer begins and ends with the food for those who woul like to lose some unwanted pounds. I include the basic plan for men. Women eat about 20% less. I know it is unfair. Women also lose weight at a slower rate and experience having another human being emerge from them. Makes me wonder if souls are given a gender choice in a meeting with God. If you faint at the birth video then you are born male. You are born as a macho male if you faint at the verbal explanation. Sorry, I digress (good tombstone inscription for me).
Male Food plan:
Breakfast: 8 oz. of plain yogurt, 6 oz. of blueberries, strawberries, or 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 pear and 1 oz of oat bran (add a little water and microwave for 2 minutes). I sweeten my yogurt with a pinch of stevia powder. I keep a large bag of frozen blue berries and sometimes strawberries in the freezer.

Lunch and dinner are the same. Wait four hours between meals.
6 oz. of protein including soy
8 oz of salad with a dressing of a olive oil and vin.
6 oz of cooked (usually steamed) vegetables except peas or corn because they have too much sugar content.

We eschew (the opposite of chew) all flour and sugar products. and do not eat between meals. For twenty dollars a tiny metric scale from Walmart is used to weigh and measure your food. Your next day menu is written down the night before. I do not think inordinately about food and my body only sends me legitimately hunger signals primarily at noon and dinner time.

Flour and sugar products are the physical root cause of weight gain.

This will work if you just need to lose a few pounds. I, and many other unfortunates like me are food addicts and are addicted to flour and sugar. Our inner voice always says "more" and seldom says "enough". My program is Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. We follow the same regimen that alcohol, drug, and nicotine addicts follow. I go to three support meetings a week where we share our experiences and gain strength form one another. Many food addicts have also been addicted to alcohol and drugs and never really dealt with the underlying reasons why they sought refuge in a material substance rather than a spiritual refuge. To be in this program you must acknowledge that we are spiritual beings who must have the assistance of a Higher Power to control the addiction. It is definitely a "we' program and not an "I" program. We also call 3 people in the program and receive calls from others only using first names. I have made many friends and have watch people lose weight and fear by the ton. I have come to believe molecules of fat and fear are bonded together. This is important. The full program is for those individuals who know that this is a life and death issue. The demands of the program are too great for the average person. Hope this helps.

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