Friday, February 18, 2011

writer's retreat

Between my granddaughter's busy social life of libraries and music class, I attended a writer's retreat at Green Acre with some old and new friends yesterday. Last night I shared an old poem that came to mind because of a discussion about love. I was asked to post it on my blog. I actually don't like a lot of poetry--usually it's over my head. If one comes to me I need to get it out of my head or it rattles around destroying brain cells. Put it on paper, store it on the computer--just as long as it takes the first bus out of town and goes.
Something like what Oscar Wilde said on his deathbed after staring at the garish wallpaper, "Either it goes or I do".


If you journey far into the abstract wilderness
If you are a "wanderer in the wilderness of love"
Remember to tear off little pieces of your dreams
And let them float to the earth
Otherwise you may never find your way home
What is it about love
That pushes you away
And pulls you toward it
With equal intensity
Love causes the sea to rush in
But the sea is the source of tears
Love dances with the moon
But the moon is the birthplace of sorrows
One day the sea will find its calm
One day the moon will lie down on a bed of stars
One day love will find its home

We also heard some Rumi poems. This is my tribute to Rumi

No Rumi at the Inn

Seek refuge within the mountain fortress of oneness during times of praise
Seek refuge within the valley fortress of singleness during times of condemnation
Ah! But what happens when we find ourselves lost in the desert of apathy
Where looks and words whirl furiously before dying at our feet
Seek here amidst the blowing, blinding sands a Rumi home
Safe from the two great tests.

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