Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nest , not quite empty

A few days ago my youngest daughter at a moment when the eye of the marriage hurricane was directly overhead and we could hear ourselves think said,"Dad, can you be the master of ceremonies and make a speech at my wedding?" It brought back memories but everything brings back memories these days. When my oldest daughter was planning her wedding in Israel, I did not--could not contemplate flying half way around the planet. I would have had to ask the airline to build a plane around my 420lb. body and switching my shoes for tires. There probably is a surcharge for that. I thought of the letter that I wrote for the occasion and actually heard Karen read in front of hundreds of people. It was rolled up and placed in an Ethiopian prayer cylinder because my son-in-law is from Ethiopia. Here is what I wrote for their wedding.

A Letter To My Children

This scroll wound up tightly, unfolds its mysterious secrets just like your marriage will reveal its hidden treasures which are given to you both by the Hidden Treasure, Baha'u'llah. He is the first among your wedding guests to arrive and His gift was given to both of you long before your entrance into this world. The mingling of the graceful nobility of Sisay with the dancing compassionate mind of Laurel form overlapping hearts. Pay close attention to this shared area. It is a new land formed like a volcanic island in the middle of the ocean. Don't be afraid of the volcano. From time to time it will erupt with fury, with raging heated winds and a deafening sound. Know that the embers will cool. The hazy mist will dissipate. The roar will fade away leaving only the sound of gentile waves caressing a lush green Island. It is on this island that you, Sisay, and you, Laurel will live forever.


  1. Was Karen able to read it without crying? I can't even read it without crying...


  2. as in Karen reading out loud, me reading to myself in my weepy head...