Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New England Jokes

I was recording last night with Larry. He wanted a sound check so I began telling him my favorite New England. They are about the fabled distorted view of life that results from having your brain frozen in the brutal winters and the shock of brief thawing period.

Two friends--Jim and Ollie were true Mainers. Men of few words do their penurious nature. Neither one had family or friends left in their declining years. Even between themselves they weren't that social, except for some fishing trips on the ocean--and fishing meant fishing, not talking about fishing. One day the end came for Ollie and Jim wondered what he should do. He went to the newspaper office and was directed to the obituary editor. "I want to put something in the paper about the passing of friend Ollie."
Pen in hand, the editor asked what he wanted to say. After some thought Jim said, "Put in 'Ollie died'"
The puzzled editor just looked at Jim. "That's all. There is a five word minimum. It's going to cost you the same amount of money for two words or five words."
Jim scratched his head searching for inspiration. " Add 'car for sale'"
I need to go to work. Will tell you some more tomorrow. I figure I have told you more than enough sad stories.

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