Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foot stranglers

This might be another tale you might find hard to believe-I find it hard to believe for sure. In the middle of the night I woke up yelling "Karen! Help! The foot stranglers have got me! Karen assured me that I had once again worn tight socks and had forgotten to remove them. Here is the poem that came out the next day,

Doctor’s Orders

By Ronald Tomanio

At the end of the day

when you fall into bed exhausted
I advise you dream all night
Go ahead, but take off your socks
Both of them
socks cut off your circulation
causing many peaceful people to have nightmares
about a gang of foot stranglers
Now, foot stranglers notoriously show no mercy
so take off your socks
In the awake world where half the race

is punching the other half in the face
I ask you to be gentle with your feet
be gentle with other people's feet
then work your way up to the face
and slowly kiss each cheek
Remember the smooth softness
Lay down on your bed facing the stars
sleep and dream like an old cat
foot stranglers hate that.

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