Thursday, September 24, 2009

new job

I thought that I would never qualify for another job at this stage of my life, but I beat out a whole host of applicants for this cushy job. I had en edge being the only grandfather that applied-ah nepotism, cronyism-I feel so American!
I switched my day off with the complicity of my boss too Friday and beginning in a few weeks I will be Samaya's babysitter on Fridays when Laurel is subbing at a nearby Montessori school. We will watch old movies and I will teach her how to play pool and tell her improbable stories about friends who are shadows over my shoulder. We will laugh until we pee our pants and plan train trips over the Canadian Rockies. But most of all I will thank he-just thank her.

The Grandchild

Samaya from the sky

Samaya from the earth

Samaya from the sea

Here now she reigns

A queenly emissary from the Kingdom

Saying “See my honour and nobility”

In the miniature mirror of my eyes

Turn around and see the “threading lights”

Of my thousands of mothers and fathers

Turn around again and see the shore of time

Covered with “corals and pearls”

She proclaims

“I am the thread of life

With one hand I touch the past

With the other hand I touch the future”

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  1. You brought tears to my eyes. You are so lucky, to be able to have an entire day once a week to spend with your beautiful grandaughter. Now, that is heaven!