Thursday, January 21, 2010

DC goes to D.C. or Goliath beats David

Anyway after spending a fortune fighting the state of New York and the State of New York my mother (Goliath) gets to the highest court in the New York (David) and wins! To this day if you Google Dr. Mary Tomanio you will likely find some obscure legal reference to Tomanio vs the State of New York. The family relaxes until some months later we are informed that the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear the State of New York's appeal. (I know what you are thinking. What does this have to do with the radio show?). It cost a lot of money to take a case to the Supreme Court, but again my mother shouts out 'Justice" and Dr. Mary, her son Ronnie and her lawyer Vincent fly to D.C. and settle into a posh hotel with granite floors and star-filled chandeliers. I remember the incredible food and going to the Smithsonian Museum and seeing the most elegant, gorgeous Chineese woman imaginable. I wanted to propose marriage but she was walking down the magnificent sparkling main lobby with a silver haired tuxedo clad patrician. I tell myself that he probably was arrested the following day for malfeasance in office and is still in prison. The next night I was sitting in a cozy restaurant lounge too keyed up to sleep with the big court day looming in the morning. I was taking a sleeping pill in the form of a large cheeseburger when in walks the elegant Chinese woman even more breathtaking in person and what does she do but sit down in the table next to me. Just me, her and a bowl of beer nuts with an occasional diamond earring between us. She began talking with me and I sensed the loneliness of a work of art that lives on a display pedestal. She goes to take a few nuts and I caution her to watch out for the nuts that sparkle. We talked about the longing of the soul and Baha'i philosophy until she finally disappeared into the marble blackness of Washington. (I know, what does this have to do with a radio show?) I will finish in the morning if I can. I need to go dream about satin statues covered in flowers.

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