Thursday, January 21, 2010

A DC goes to D.C.

Most of friends know that I co host a radio show that deals with issues of the developmentally disabled community. My co hosts are a friend and client for years who had a stroke as a ten month old. The other co host is a young lady who is legally blind and has a muscle weakness problem. My friend John is even more of a loose cannon then I am and I am used to him and how he changes subjects seemingly mid sentence which takes time to get accustom to. Impulsivity goes with the brain damage territory which means that often we both never know what will emerge from his mouth. Thus our radio interviews have been fast and furious with our poor guests often reeling from the verbal barrage-but it is quite fun and most of the time it works and sometimes it really works. Lately I have been thinking that this current experience with John is similar to another experience ages ago but I just couldn't put my finger on it until a few days ago.
Thirty-five years ago I accompanied my mother, the illustrious Dr. Mary D.C. to Washington D.C. because she had a long running court case that had winded its way through the state of New York's legal system. We thought it was over when she won in the highest New York court only to find out later that a very, very rare event occurred. Her case was accepted by te U.S. Supreme Court. Briefly, the case revolved around simple fairness in licensing chiropractors who at one time were labeled as a dangerous cult by the American Medical Association. These court cases cost a fortune and at one hearing a judge asked my mother knowing it would be simpler and cheaper for her to move to Maine or New Hampshire why she was pursuing this case. My mother rose to her feet in court and with a powerful voice shouted "Justice! I am a Baha'i and we fight for justice!" The judge reacted like he heard the word for the first time. I will finish the story later-need to go to work.

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