Sunday, January 24, 2010

DC goes to D.C. or Goliath beats David-cont.

I never saw the Satin Statue again-just as well as I could never afford a cummerbund(Dunkin Donuts sells them now) much less a tuxedo. The big day came and we sat up front almost in touching distance to the nine justices if they were not lined up on an elevated platform peering down at us like we were a lab experiment gone wrong. The procedure is brutal on lawyers who each give an oral presentation for one hour dressed in elegant old world morning coats in front of nine lions who have not had meat in a week. No sooner do they open their mouths when they get verbally assaulted and I do mean assaulted-especially the lawyer for the State of N.Y. The J's don't say please or thank you or give the poor lawyer a chance to think. They were brutal in the way they took apart N.Y."s case and found N.Y. totally unjust in how they treated my mother's rights to obtain a license. They treated my Vinnie C. much more kindly but still peppered him with question. I would have bet the farm that she won, but months later we found out she lost 8 to 1 on a technicality. The only J that was on her side was the legendary Thurgood Marshall, the lawyer who argued the Brown vs The board of Ed. of Topeka, Kansas in the early 1950's and won!-much to the shock of the uncivilized world. He represented the NAACP. I can still picture him seated on the extreme left looking old and tired and probably tired of a world that so easily squashed the dreams that grow from freedom. But mother was unsquashable and began a new highly successful career in Maine. I believe that those last twenty years of her life in glorious Maine were happiest of her life. Anyway, when a guest comes on our radio show I like to think the free for all questioning is preparing them for the Supreme Court.

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