Sunday, June 27, 2010

sad news

One good thing about FB and blogs is that we instantly know when a friend is undergoing a crisis. I find myself praying sincerely for people I barely know. Now my beloved wife Karen is suffering and needs your emails of concern(she is not on FB). She has been diagnosed with piratitis. The symptoms are odd and it is not fatal. She has been walking around with a bright green parrot on her shoulder shouting "Arggh" and "Avast ye maties" (don't know what that means). She tried to pay for her Dunkin Donuts coffee with a fake gold doubloon which was not really gold-chocolate with a gold color wrapping from a bag she bought at the Dollar Store. She has taught the parrot to order her coffee and ask for a senior discount(the parrot is 65 years old). She also gets the 10% pirate discount that Dunkin Donuts offers. Anyway we are signed up for a cruise this fall and life keeps getting more interesting. Words of sympathy can be addressed to Karen.


  1. This is easily remedied. You point her to Facebook, the "talk like a pirate" version that uses pirate as an alternate language. This should either cure her or send her over the edge!

  2. A parrotectomy should do the trick! I believe that's covered under Obamacare.