Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eliot Days

I know the world is nuts-terrible things happening to wonderful people. But in this little corner of Maine the asylum has passed us by. The townspeople have been planning for four years to create ten days of Bicentennial events. Our town is two hundred years old. There was a play at Green Acre that depicted a 1910 planning meeting for the first hundred years. The actors dressed in period clothing which for most of the actors meant opening their bedroom closet and making a selection. Each day has been filled with activities. There was a Ballroom dance with three hundred people dancing the night away. My dear friend Lorraine arranged for my books to be sold at a craft fair exclusive to residents of Eliot--nice pocket money. My favorite event was held at the ancient Grange Hall. A waterproof rubber mat was place over the floor, the lights dimmed, a hum of excitement traveled through the audience--the big show was finally here! "Octogenarians on Ice" A gallant troop twirled and whirled, jumped and spun. Their costumes were provided by the sponsor--"Maine Artificial Hips". The hips are made from super hard and flexible recycled lobster shells. Federal stimulus money provided the start- up money. Some of the hips have been recalled when the individual attempts to sit on the pot. The embedded memory in the shells sometimes recall their demise in a boiling pot of water at the Weathervane Restaurant makes them spring a foot in the air. Now, some elders with bad knees appreciate that boost to a standing position, but most experience worrisome heart palpitations and want a refund or a side order of onion rings. Anyway, a grand night out. I caught a wool garter belt from the star which I have been using as a sweat band during the recent hot spell. Well, goodnight all and watch for things that go bump in the night--it might be two eighty year old skaters colliding.

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