Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just One More Day

Getting down to the end with our film on suicide prevention. I can't describe the filming today. Better to let the film and the participants speak. Here is my introduction:

Just One More Day

Our only desire in making this film is to help one person. We don't know the name of this person and maybe we never will. If you're watching this film, and you choose life, then everyone involved has been richly repaid.
We do ask the audience to keep in mind that anyone of us could be sitting in those chairs trying to live with a severe disability and that anyone of us could be struggling to stay alive "for just one more day".
I ask myself: "What have I learned?" Why did these individuals survive?" The answer I have learned listening to the interviews is that they all had someone they could reach out to in their most dangerous moments. Those moments when they looked north, south, east, west, above their heads and below their feet and could find no path to safety. Someone provided a glimmer of light and they were able to see the first step out of hell. That someone doesn't need to be the world's wisest therapist--just someone who cares.
We have one request. Be that someone who cares.

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