Friday, August 6, 2010

Small Victorys

Since the beginning of my new work schedule I have been busier than ever trying to finish writing projects, preparing for Spirit of Children week at Green Acre, getting up at 6:30 a.m.(who knew there was a 6:30 a.m.?) to start my day calling my FA sponsor--trying to get rid of the "subtle insanity" of addiction. First weigh- in is next Friday. Meetings still provoke a smile. I am atleast three times the size of whoever comes to the meeting-all thin after losing a zillion pounds-now just maintaining for years. I am thinking of inviting the mother of "Gilbert Grape" enticing her with the offer of a free floor jack. I wonder if Casual Male(euphemism for terminally obese) sells floor jacks. Anyway, my small victory story. August is vacation time and work is short staffed. I worked a few hours filling in with a very nice young man who has down syndrom. I was told-very easy, sit in corner and read the paper. We arrived at Dunkin Donuts where we were both hustled into the back room and told to restock the large beverage cooler. D&D is chaos in the morning. I worked like hell weaving in an out and only trampled one college girl who was dreaming of a life beyond donuts--she will need a donutectomy--my bad. The thing is I could never have done this 26 days ago-I would have collapsed. I work in the field of small victories as some of my friends out there are familiar with who are in this line of work. Sometimes the victories cannot be seen with the naked eye without really looking for them. There was no round of applause accompanied by a gift of a silver donut from the manager. I do believe the small victory angels that hover above as we go through our day dance with joy, flap their wings dispersing the gray clouds that block the sun and advise when we sleep"Just a little bit more tomorrow".

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  1. Wow, Ronnie! I think you are going to be increasingly amazed at the strength you have. When you talked about the small victory angels, I thought of Red Grammer singing "On the day that Ronnie was born. On the day that Ronnie was born. On the day, on the day, on the day that Ronnie was born, the angels sang, and blew on their horns, And they danced, they danced
    They smiled and raised up their hands
    On the day, on the day that Ronnie was born." But, these angels are still singing, blowing on their horns, dancing, smiling, raising their hands for you Ronnie! Much love and keep up the good work!