Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Dollar goes a long way

If you are in the mood for profound thoughts then I would skip this entry. Blogs should have internal weather reports such as "Mr. Tomanio is being influenced by a whimsical wind this Sunday"
Every Saturday morning I meet a long-time client and his staffer in Exeter where I stay at a respite house with an autistic gentlemen, but I can get away for short periods. I was in line waiting to buy coffees at Dunkin Donuts when I noticed the sales person was asking if the customers would like to donate a dollar to cystic fibrosis. If they said yes, the lady would write their name on a paper foot and tape it to the window. I could not wait for my turn I was so excited. "Yes, certainly. My name? That would be 'Bongo Smith'". At this point the lady is turning red and trying desperately not to laugh and offend a customer. I'm also desperately trying not to laugh. I look at the D&D windows covered with the paper feet of children in order to get serious, but then I think what if they were trying to raise money to cure jock itch? What would the paper cut outs look like? Later on that afternoon my wonderful daughter and grand baby came down for lunch. We went through the D&D drive thru where my daughter said that her father would like to donate a dollar. "What name please?" "I leaned over and said "Elmo Buff. That's Buff with two f's".
I know a sixty-two year old man should not be doing such infantile things. And I should not be wearing "dandruff" and "halitosis" rubber support bracelets". Quite a mystery. For only two dollars I helped cure an awful disease and laughed the whole day thinking about the look on the saleslady's face--correction Bongo and Elmo helped cure cf. Ronnie Tomanio helped cure sadness.

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  1. Shouldn't it be a lung for cystic fibrosis? I would think a foot would be for plantar fasciitis or corns or athlete's foot or bunions or ingrown toenails...