Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know it is late

I don't know why sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night--well, someone has to pay for it. Round up the usual suspects. At the top of my list is Santa Klaus and the Tooth Fairy. For years I've gone back and forth by this puzzling question. "Who has the more difficult job?" Lets look at Santa. Only really works one day a year. On the other hand-- Arctic weather, icy roofs, wind chill factor while flying, must make character assessments (who is naughty or nice?) while delivering a zillion presents all over the world. Also on the down side--surrounded by little people who are always under foot, must drink gallons of cheap wine to stay warm on annual flight. New international rule re disposal of waste products at high altitude require him to wear a diaper and carry a coke bottle.
Now let us consider the Tooth Fairy. Works every night of the year. Must carry huge bags of quarters and tiny teeth using public transportation enduring snickers from from the public. Has politically incorrect name that makes no sense. New laws re toxic medical waste(baby teeth)limit disposal to a large cave beneath Newark, N.J.
When Laurel was seven or eight she came to Karen and I around bedtime very excited holding a tiny tooth in her hand. A huge smile and dreams of riches went with her to Dreamland. Only problem was that we were brok. Iwrote her a note and put it in an envelope-From the Tooth Fairy to Laurel Tomanio; "Dear Laurel, Please except this I.O.U. for one dollar. So many children lost a tooth tonight that I ran out of money. I will be back tomorrow night with your dollar. Thank you for your patience-love The Tooth Fairy.
The next morning there was a look of awestruck wonderment on her face. What a thrill to get a letter from the Tooth Fairy. Sure enough the conscientious TF returned the next night with a dollar under the pillow.
Thank you Santa and Tooth Fairy for being the cause of that special look on the faces of children all over the world. And thank you for all the hard work you do under difficult working conditions-sleep with the angels.

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