Monday, May 24, 2010

rare day

Milestone day. I looked at the $ numbers and it make sense for me to only work Tuesdays(radio day with a client) and my weekend with the autistic man where I basically have to remember to breathe--its that easy. By the way, turns out he is a savant. I give him a date and he will tell me what day of the week it is instantly--go figure. I sometimes can't remember what day of the week. Anyway, a combo of a little work plus SS$ gives me the same money as if I worked full time. Give me a sign God, I thought, after leaving the SS office. Am I doing the right thing? Soon after I not only got my sign but also was given absolute proof of the existence of a higher power. I just got out of the gym and was having a great day off--checked my phone and Karen had left me the best message in 28 years of marriage. First let me back up a day. Yesterday, our landlord spread some beautiful top soil and and spread grass seed. The place was looking good.-all storm damage to the yard gone--gigantic sink hole an unpleasant memory. Karen placed two brown flower pots right at the edge and gave me explicit instructions to be careful backing up into the driveway. So of course I backed up crushing one of the flower pots--the sound of screaming annuals will stay with we for a long time. She came home and gave me the hopeless doofus stare. I said the pot was brown--it blended into the brown dirt! No matter case closed--all verdicts final--pay the clerk on the way out. Now for my moment of my sign from God that he is on my side. I checked my phone when I got out of the gym today and Karen was laughing so hard. She came home for lunch and crushed the other pot!-sweet! The future is bright! The world is collapsing all around me-oceans dying-religious fanatics blaming earthquakes on pretty girls. Europe and the U.S. bankrupt. The Korea's on the verge of nuclear war. Iran on the verge of nuclear weapons. With all these wrongs for the Hand of God to swoop down from heaven to right, He takes the time out of His busy day to somehow distract Karen so she crushes the brown flower pot with her Toyota. Life is good my friends.


  1. Yup!
    The world has gone to pot but karma is alive and well!

  2. So after reading this exquisite poignant and hilarious piece I want to know: are you replacing the flower pots or not!!??

  3. Yes---karma is a beautiful thing!