Thursday, February 11, 2010

At Home with the Rumis

I have been thinking about a situation comedy based in the fun-loving, good -ol- boy country of Saudi Arabia. It would be a reality show depicting the lives of Rumi (called simply JR at home) and his wife , Henrietta. No matter what she says, JR replys with a profundity. For example: Henrietta is upset because she got caught by the religious police for looking a camel in the eye too long and was given a ticket and JR seems indifferent. She says, "I am afraid you don't love me anymore" and JR answers, "Love never dwelleth in a heart possessed by fear." No matter what she says, he answerrs with one of his famous profundities. Could be a cartoon strip also. Anyone want to be my illustrator?


  1. yeah. that Rumi looks like a fun guy. check out this picture

  2. It's been done. They called it All In the Family!