Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gripes not Grapes

My friend Carolyn corrected me-bunchofgripes is the blog and not grapes. Anyway check it out.
Some thoughts after interviewing the incredible Kathy Bates last night on the radio show. There is a two inch high step- up to get into the radio station and even that was a challenge to overcome and I have trouble getting over D&D forgetting my sweet n' low in my morning coffee. She taught kindergarten years ago and the children felt bad for her that she was sick and it made her voice sound weird. She tried explaining how cp confined her to a wheel chair and altered her voice, but the kids only wanted to be sure that she brought her really nice rolling chair with her every day. A week later a boy in the class came up to her telling her how happy everyone in the class was that her voice was "all better". Kathy smiled when she told the story. The kids simply adjusted to her voice and it only took a matter of days. I ask myself how long does it take me to adjust to peoples imperfections. Kathy educates health care professionals on the language they use--a person has a disability, they are not a disabled person. She made the point that equating a person's identity with a disease or a disability places a ceiling on that person's potential. I ask her why she tried so hard and her shaky arms that have a life of their own went up in the air and she exclaimed, "Because I want to change the world!!". There was such happiness in her voice and face when she said that. So, my dear friends of the heart out there beyond a hug and a kiss on the cheek in cyberville I ask you as well as myself, "Can we do what we do for at least one day because we want to change the world?" More when I have more energy on the power of words.

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