Monday, February 15, 2010


I recorded "Edith Rose" and "Daddie Threw the Bookie Out the Window". "Edith Rose" was the fulfillment of a promise made to a dear friend. She shared her personal history of growing up in more than two dozen foster homes. I did not know of any Baha'i stories about foster kids so I told her I would write one. That was quite a few years ago. It was a pleasant surprise to read it again and discover that the story holds up well. Laurel suggested one change which I made.
"Daddie..."is a funny story that was also written years ago. It is based on the universal experience of all parents when their child is of a certain age. The child falls in love with one book and the parent has to read it over and over again. In my case I did snap and throw the tattered book out the window where it languished on a second story roof. Probably some robin looking for nesting material used it for a nest. I'm hoping the baby robins did not ask the father to read it over and over again and the book perished for all time. The recording technology software is impressive allowing two people in a living room record a high quality cd. More recording of stories and poems yet to come. If only my granddaughter Samaya enjoys them, that would be enough for me to make the project worthwhile.

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